Dr. Lou Marciani | Sports Destination Management

Dr. Lou Marciani

Mar 28, 2011

The Center for Spectator Sports Security Management

Dr. Lou Marciani

Lou Marciani is the Director of the Center for Spectator Sports Security Management at The University of Southern Mississippi. The Center was founded with initial funding from the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security as the country’s first academic research center dedicated to spectator sports security research, professional development and outreach. His work at the Center focuses on the development of sport risk management and simulation modeling for stadium evacuations. The Center has a national outreach, actively working with professional sport leagues, NCAA, National Collegiate Directors of Athletics, private sector and government agencies in enhancing sport safety and security.

For more information or assistance with preparing a bid, visit www.sporteventsecurity.com or contact Dr. Marciani at lou.marciani@usm.edu.

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