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Study: Sports Fans Would Cancel Honeymoon, Risk Job to See Favorite Team Play

Jan 08, 2020 | By: Michael Popke

A recent survey conducted by online travel company revealed that 89 percent of U.S. sports fans have taken between one and five trips in the past year to cheer on their favorite team. (That part's not news to us, don't worry).

But here's the kicker: 17 percent of those fans admit they would cancel their honeymoon plans to travel and see their team compete live. Basketball fans (25 percent), soccer fans (21 percent) and NFL fans (14 percent) top the list of people who prefer road-tripping over romance, according to the survey.

Similarly, 17 percent of U.S. sports fans confess they would quit their job if it meant they could watch their team compete in a major championship. Once again, fans of basketball (27 percent), soccer (20 percent) and pro football (13 percent) top that list. Baseball fans are least likely to be the most risky.

“Once they know which games they will be traveling to, fans start looking for the perfect place to stay,” according to “Topping the list of considerations when looking for the perfect place to stay are affordability (77 percent) and location (73 percent) in relation to the stadium or venue, while one in two (52 percent) look for accommodations that have a spa or hot tub to relax in post-[game]. Yet, despite affordability being important for U.S. sports fans, 33 percent happily admit that they would be willing to pay more for sports travel than their family vacation.”

Research was conducted by in 29 U.S. markets and included more than 22,500 sports fans.

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