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ABM Debuts Its First-Ever Branded Integrated EV Charging Solution

Aug 07, 2023

ABM (NYSE: ABM), one of the nation’s largest providers of facility services, infrastructure solutions and parking management, has announced the debut of its first-ever branded electric vehicle (“EV”) products, including ABM EV Charging Stations (Level 2 and Level 3) and ABM EV OS, a cloud-based operating platform for EV chargers.


Through the introduction of EV hardware, and smart software made possible by an investment in a partnership with Noodoe, a global developer and provider of innovative EV charging software, ABM bolsters its ability to provide comprehensive single-source solutions to design, build, operate and maintain custom, scalable EV infrastructure installations. The ABM Charging Stations and ABM EV OS are being previewed on-site at the 2023 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, June 11 to 14 in Booth 505.


“ABM is a market leader in sustainable infrastructure, power, and bundled energy solutions, pioneering innovative and tech-forward services across the eMobility, EV and electrification industries,” said Scott Salmirs, President and Chief Executive Officer, ABM. “Our introduction of branded hardware and our investment in software marks an exciting next step placing us at the forefront of the dynamic EV infrastructure industry, by enabling us to offer our clients a single source for rapidly growing needs in this sector.”


ABM EV Charging Stations & Hardware:

ABM has introduced its own branded chargers, along with related accessories, to help prepare customers to meet the current needs of drivers while future proofing for tomorrow. ABM’s branded chargers include:


  • ABM Level 2 AC Charging Stations:  A full range of Smart EV Level 2 charging stations from 6.6 to 19.2kW power output. Designed for any commercial, municipal, or residential parking location, including airports, hotels, hospitals, universities, commercial or residential parking lots, stadiums and sports venues, and more.


  • Level 3 DC Fast Chargers: A full range of DC fast charging stations ranging from 24 kW DC wallboxes ideal for commercial parking, auto dealerships, workplace facilities and fleets, to 350kW high powered stations suited for larger vehicles including buses and trucks.


ABM EV OS Software:

As one of the most advanced and versatile cloud-based operating platforms, ABM EV OS helps customers optimize the user experience through autonomous operations, while enabling the lowest possible operating cost. With the ability to run a single charging station or a network across multiple locations, the software provides intelligent monitoring, remote operation management, comprehensive reporting, and automatic infrastructure diagnostics.


The software also provides payment processing and is customizable with integrations such as customer loyalty programs, entry badges, and parking systems to enable customer experience, revenue, and operational optimizations for both public facing and private charging station operators.


ABM EV OS is being launched in partnership with Noodoe providing its cutting-edge cloud-based software to greatly improve the experiences of the owners, operators, and drivers who rely on ABM’s EV charging infrastructure services. By autonomously providing 24/7 charging service delivery, monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery, ABM EV OS is designed to deliver advanced accessibility, efficiency, and EV charging station uptime. As part of this partnership, ABM is investing in Noodoe through ABM Ventures to support growth and broader collaboration between the two companies.


“We are excited to partner with ABM in this rapidly growing and evolving EV ecosystem to develop innovative solutions and enhance user and operator experience,” said John Wang, Chairman, Noodoe Group. “By pairing our next-generation software with ABM’s scale and industry leading expertise, we will grow our reach to support the global EV evolution already underway.”


“As the nation continues to move toward an electric-first future on the road, the country’s infrastructure requires smart solutions that can readily adapt to changing consumer habits while requiring relatively little hands-on operating,” said Mark Hawkinson, President of Technical Solutions, ABM. “At ABM, we’re uniquely positioned to understand what is needed at all points of the EV ecosystem, from the power grid to the customer experience, which is why we’ve applied that knowledge to creating the best EV software and hardware solutions available.”


These ABM-branded hardware and software products are now available as part of ABM’s full suite of EV ecosystem support solutions, ranging from comprehensive engineering, design, and installation to maintenance services and turn-key microgrid systems and technologies.


As one of the country’s largest installers of EV charging stations, with over 28,000 installed to date, the introduction of these new branded-products builds upon ABM’s recent announcement to construct a first-of-its-kind EV ecosystem hub—the ABM Electrification Center—which will centralize its eMobility, resiliency, and electrical infrastructure operations, services and training through an expanded multiuse facility.


For further information on ABM’s services and solutions, please visit www.abm.com. To learn more about how ABM simplifies everything EV with customized infrastructure resources or to explore additional details around the company’s newly introduced EV software and hardware products, please visit www.abm.com/SimplifyEV.

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