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Cliffs Partners with Thor Guard to Warn Golfers, Tennis Players of Upcoming Lightning Storms

May 30, 2017

Thor Guard – the world’s only lightning prediction system that provides the most useful, sophisticated, timely, reliable and accurate advance warning of the potential for lightning and other adverse weather conditions – today announces it is further enhancing the safety of The Cliffs community. 

Its Lightning Prediction and Warning System has been installed in all seven properties, reducing the danger of lightning strikes by predicting the occurrence of lightning eight to 20 minutes before it could potentially hit. The system will cover upwards of 200 acres across The Cliffs’ facilities, protecting the golf and tennis amenities, the lake and all residential homes.

“We are honored to have been chosen by The Cliffs to install our system and provide reliable and accurate advance warning of adverse weather conditions,” said Bob Dugan, President of Thor Guard. “As the meteorological-solutions pioneer, we play a vital role in protecting the safety of communities across the world and hold this as our No. 1 priority.”

Located along the border of North and South Carolina, The Cliffs are luxury private club communities, each hosting a nationally-ranked golf course. Thor Guard systems are currently installed at the following courses:

  • The Cliffs at Glassy

  • The Cliffs Valley

  • The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

  • The Cliffs at Mountain Park

  • The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards

  • The Cliffs at Keowee Falls

  • The Cliffs at Keowee Springs

“At The Cliffs, we will always invest in proven-technology that allows us to keep our members, staff and guests safe,” says Brian Peeples, Director of Golf Operations at The Cliffs. “We feel Thor Guard and its state-of-the-art technology is the undisputed industry leaders, and we would only equip our properties with the best weather-protection system available.” 

Properties with Thor Guard sensor technology constantly monitor local environments and predict whether there is enough dynamic energy migration to create a lightning strike, even with no visible evidence of lightning.  Recognizing “bolts out of the blue” allows more notification time to proactively manage potentially perilous weather situations.  Other lightning warning products on the market are based on detection and / or time of arrival (strike-first) to determine safety levels when lightning is in the area.

As the longest-tenured company in the category globally, Thor Guard has installed approximately 7,000 systems for golf courses, parks, schools and universities, cities and municipalities, air travel concerns, government agencies, mining and industrial companies, sporting events and broadcast media.

More information:, 954.835.0900.

About Thor Guard: Since 1976, Thor Guard systems have provided reliable and accurate advance warning of the potential for lightning and other severe weather conditions. Utilizing proprietary atmospheric electrostatic analysis technology, Thor Guard provides lightning predictions and warnings, along with live streaming local radar, to help protect people and equipment and better manage any outdoor event. Thor Guard provides meteorological and lightning prediction services for all USGA championships, American Junior Golf Association, European and South African Tours and the PGA Junior Series. Thor Guard is also used by the Tournament Players Clubs, Marriott Golf, Hampton Golf, the Department of Homeland Security, American Air Lines, Jet Blue, United and Delta Airlines, all Canadian International airports, UPS, Google, Rolls Royce, Mosaic Mines, and more than 1,000 schools, universities and municipalities.

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