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Copa Centenario Broadcast Schedule Announced

May 19, 2016

Copa America Centenario is getting closer all the time, and a broadcast schedule has just been announced. Fox Sports will air all 32 games at the 2016 Copa Centenario, most in prime time. It will be air 21 games on FS1, including all three U.S. group games, both semifinals and the final, four on Fox and FS2 and three on FX.

In addition to live game coverage, Fox Sports will air pre-game shows (most 60 minutes in length) and nine post-game editions of an hour-long Copa Tonight.

Note: All times ET.
June 3 in Santa Clara, California
USA vs. Colombia, 9:30 pm FS1, Univision/UniMas/UDN
June 4 in Orlando, Florida
Costa Rica vs. Paraguay, 5 pm, Fox, Univision/UDN
June 7 in Chicago
USA vs. Costa Rica, 8 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 7 in Pasadena, California
Colombia vs. Paraguay, 10:30 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 11 in Philadelphia
USA vs. Paraguay, 7 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN
June 11 in Houston
Colombia vs. Costa Rica, 9 pm, FS2, Univision/UDN

June 4 in Seattle
Haiti vs. Peru, 7:30 pm, FS2, Univision/UDN
June 4 in Pasadena, California
Brazil vs. Ecuador, 10 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN
June 8in Orlando, Florida
Brazil vs. Haiti, 7:30 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 8 in Glendale, Arizona
Ecuador vs. Peru, 10 pm, FS2, UniMas/UDN
June 12 in East Rutherford,New Jersey
Ecuador vs. Haiti, 6:30 pm, FS2, Univision/UDN
June 12 in Foxborough,Massachusetts
Brazil vs. Peru, 8:30 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN

June 5 in Chicago

Jamaica vs. Venezuela, 5 pm, Fox, Univision/UDN
June 5 in Glendale, Arizona
Mexico vs. Uruguay, 8 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN
June 9 in Philadelphia
Uruguay vs. Venezuela,7:30 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 9in Pasadena, California
Mexico vs. Jamaica, 10 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN
June 13 in Houston
Mexico vs. Venezuela,8 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN
June 13 in Santa Clara,California
Uruguay vs. Jamaica, 10 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN

June 6 in Orlando, Florida

Panama vs. Bolivia, 7 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 6 in Santa Clara, California
Argentina vs. Chile, 10 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 10 in Foxborough, Massachusetts
Chile vs. Bolivia, 7 pm, Fox, UniMas/UDN
June 10 in Chicago, Illinois
Argentina vs. Panama, 9:30 pm, Fox, UniMas/UDN
June 14 in Philadelphia
Chile vs. Panama, 8 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 14 in Seattle
Argentina vs. Bolivia, 10 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN

June 16 in Seattle

Game 1: 1A vs. 2B, 9:30 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 17 in East Rutherford,New Jersey
Game 2: 1B vs. 2A, 8 pm, FS1, UniMas/UDN
June 18 in Foxborough, Massachusetts
Game 4: 1D vs. 2C, 7 pm, FX, Univision/UDN
June 18 in Santa Clara,California
Game 3: 1C vs. 2D, 10 pm, FX, Univision/UDN

June 21 in Houston

Game 5: Game 1 winner vs. Game 4 winner, 9 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN
June 22 in Chicago
Game 6: Game 2 winner vs. Game 3 winner, 8 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN

June 25 in Glendale, Arizona
Game 5 loser vs. Game 6 loser, 8 pm, FX, Univision/UDN

June 26 in East Rutherford, New Jersey

Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 winner, 8 pm, FS1, Univision/UDN

City Stadium Capacity
Chicago Soldier Field 63,500
East Rutherford MetLife Stadium 82,566
Foxborough Gillette Stadium 68,756
Glendale University of Phoenix Stadium 63,400
Houston NRG Stadium 71,795
Orlando Citrus Bowl 60,219
Pasadena Rose Bowl 92,542
Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field 69,176
Santa Clara Levi's Stadium 68,500
Seattle CenturyLink Field 67,000

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