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Event Owners: Save Those Tennis Balls for a New Surface

Jul 18, 2016

Advanced Polymer Technology and Ace Surfaces Inc. created with Laykold Masters, the first cushion court with a shock pad that absorbs up to 10,000 recycled tennis balls in a single tennis court.  Finally, after a tennis ball has had its last bounce, it can be recycled and used as a cushion tennis court instead of rolling into a landfill.

Each year, 130+ million tennis balls are consumed in the US and approximately 325 million worldwide. That is enough tennis balls thrown away annually to fill 6,000 semi trailers top to bottom or fill the Empire State Building to the 62nd story each year.  After years of research, product development and teamwork, a recycling program finally exists.  "Many years of bouncing ideas with partners such as HABU and Ecore International, discussions, and trial and error in developing the product culminate in these high performance tennis courts" said Franz Fasold, owner of Ace Surfaces Inc and the mastermind behind the implementation of the recycled tennis ball courts.

The formula for success combines the reach, expertise and lead of reBounces and other partners such as HABU and Project Green Ball to collect, sort, clean and ship old, used up tennis balls.  Ace Surfaces and Laykold Masters take the now ground up, recycled tennis balls and incorporate them into revolutionary cushion indoor/outdoor sports surfacing systems: Laykold Masters 5 and Laykold Masters 8.  

Ace Surfaces Inc is excited to announce the first installation of the Tennis Ball Courts at Tenafly Racquet Club in Tenafly, NJ at the end of August. "We are extremely excited about the new Ace Surface courts we are installing at the Tenafly Racquet Club.  We love being the first tennis facility in the country with tennis courts that are partially made out of recycled tennis balls while being eco-friendly.  Those that found hard courts to be difficult on their hips, knees and back will be pleasantly surprised by the difference the surface will have on their body.  We hope to see other clubs in the country follow our lead in making the sport more enjoyable while helping the environment” said Gordon Uehling, Founder and Managing Director of Tenafly Racquet Club.

For more information please visit www.tennisballcourts.com

About Ace Surfaces Inc.: Ace Surfaces Inc is revolutionizing the tennis courts you play on by creating, implementing and installing cushion shock pads using recycled tennis balls. Founded in 1993, Ace Surfaces Inc set out to raise the standard in sporting and playing surfaces. Installing a higher quality sport surface system that considers the bodies of athletes, growing children and older tennis clientele are a large part of Ace Surfaces Inc planning and designing of its surfaces.  Quality, innovation and performance can be expected of Ace Surfaces Inc sports surfaces, whether it be a tennis court, basketball court, futsal court or any sport surface installation.  Ace Surfaces Inc is based out of Orlando, Florida but works internationally.  For more information please contact Ace Surfaces at 407-865-627 info@ace-surfaces.com www.ace-surfaces.com.

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