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United Soccer Coaches Announce New Educational Event

Dec 30, 2020

United Soccer Coaches is excited to announce a new format for the association’s advanced diplomas, blending a mix of online and in-person learning to create the most time-friendly course option.
Designed with the ever-demanding schedules of coaches in mind, the new blended format allows candidates to pursue their National, Advanced National, or Premier Diploma on their time while maintaining the integrity of the highly regarded courses.
Courses will be broken down into four segments: online resources, virtual classrooms, in-person, and video assessment. Upon registration, candidates will receive immediate access to online content. Cohorts will be created and scheduled to participate in a series of virtual classroom experiences. One-weekend of in-person sessions will be delivered in a local environment for hands-on instruction and demonstration. Finally, candidates will complete their course work by submitting a video session from their own environment with their own players.
“We are both delighted and proud to offer this new format of our advanced diplomas,” said Ian Barker, United Soccer Coaches Director of Coaching Education. “The new blended format of the National, Advanced National, and Premier Diplomas empowers the coach to learn at their own pace, take ownership in their learning pathway and still enjoy the interaction with staff coaches and coaching colleagues. We believe every coach is uniquely challenged to support their players in their unique environment. We hope to honor the support needed for every coach and provide a personal and professional experience for everyone in our education.”
United Soccer Coaches’ advanced diplomas have long been regarded as an excellent way to expand coaching knowledge, advance your career, and improve your players’ development. Now, they’re being offered in the most time-friendly way possible to fit the busy lives of coaches. Registration for the new blended advanced diplomas will open at a later date.

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