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| July 17, 2013
USOC Statement on Suggested Boycott of the Winter Olympics in Russia   

The USOC has released the following statement about suggestions to boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia. More>>

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News | July 17, 2013
Virginia Beach Hosting Cheer Championships   

The Young Champions National Cheer Competition comes to Virginia Beach, Virginia, on July 27. More>>

Article | June 24, 2013
Fast Break: Lacrosse, America’s First Sport, is Enjoying Unprecedented Growth   

Lacrosse is the oldest sport in the U.S., played centuries ago by Native Americans. Now, America’s first sport is one of this country’s... More>>

News | June 12, 2013
ISSA Announces Summer Sports Events   

ISSA has released the schedule of its tournaments for Jully and August, in Virginia, Alabama and West Virginia. More>>

News | June 10, 2013
USABA Announces Updated Events for Athletes with Sight Impairments   

The U.S. Association of Blind Athletes has released the following calendar of events for athletes with visual impairments (VI). More>>

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| June 9, 2013
Virginia Beach Encourages Visitors to Have Fun on Their Off-Hours   

The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau is beginning a marketing campaign for water sports, aimed at sports tourism visitors. More>>

News | May 29, 2013
ISSA Sets Schedule, Adds Notes, for Summer Games   

ISSA, a leader in senior softball, has provided updates on its summer tournament scheduling. More>>

Visit OKC
News | May 21, 2013
Update from Visit Oklahoma City   

Thank you to all of our colleagues in so many organizations who have reached out to check on our team and community in the wake of the horrible... More>>

US Sports Academy
Whitepaper | May 20, 2013
Sports Fantasy Camps: Offering Fans a More Immersive Experience   

Today’s sport organizations have multiple ways of connecting with their fans, including social media, fantasy leagues, facility tours, and others. ... More>>

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News | May 16, 2013
Virginia Beach to Host Sand Soccer Championships   

Virginia Beach will host the 20th North American Sand Soccer Championships from June 7-June 9 at the oceanfront area. More>>

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