Article | December 27, 2018
Basketball Makes a Fast Break   

Most U.S. kids have bounced a basketball and shot for the hoop. Basketball courts are everywhere — at schools, in playgrounds, on driveways and in... More>>

News | December 19, 2018
Snohomish County FC Steelheads Accepted into Regional Soccer League for 2019   

The Snohomish County FC Steelheads has been accepted into the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) starting with the 2019 season. More>>

News | December 17, 2018
Spokane to Host USA Roller Sports National Championships   

The 2019 USA Roller Sports National Championships are coming to Spokane, WA, July 17–August 7, in the Spokane Convention Center. More>>

News | December 6, 2018
Cannabis Athletic Events Company The 420 Games Releases Details of Event   

The 420 Games is North America’s only events company that shines a spotlight on the complementary pairing of cannabis and athleticism. More>>

Destination | November 28, 2018
Open Up to Dedication: Snohomish County   

Welcome to PNW Sports and Snohomish County, Washington, where dedication to your successful event is our badge of honor. Snohomish County is 15 miles... More>>

News | November 27, 2018
Snohomish County to Host NWAC Championship Basketball   

The Northwest Athletic Association (NWAC) Men’s and Women’s Championship Basketball Tournaments will return to Snohomish County. More>>

News | November 19, 2018
Pro Football Hall of Fame Youth Seattle Northwest Regionals Coming to Snohomish   

For the first time, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Youth Football Seattle Northwest Regionals will be held in Snohomish County, Washington. More>>

Article | November 9, 2018
Pickleball: Catching the Wave   

There’s been explosive growth in pickleball and a resulting uptick in the number of venues to host it. Across the country, events are bringing in... More>>

Article | October 31, 2018
First eSports Reality Series Hits the Airwaves: What It Means to Event Organizers   

It’s a cross between MTV’s then-groundbreaking reality series, “The Real World,” (strangers dropped into the petri dish of a house and... More>>

News | October 12, 2018
Wenatchee College Tennis Jamboree Coming Up this Month   

The Wenatchee Racquet and Athletic Club will be hosting the College Tennis Jamboree on Saturday, October 20th. More>>

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