News | August 17, 2020
PGA Event Goes Virtual   

PGA Golf Exhibitions announced details for the PGA Show Connects Virtual Summit, August 18 with free registration. More>>

News | August 10, 2020
US Sports Congress Confirms December's Live Event in Las Vegas   

The US Sports Congress today confirmed their intention to move forward with their December event in Las Vegas as scheduled. More>>

News | August 7, 2020
AAU Announces New Dates for Wrestling Championship at the West Coast Junior Olympic Games   

AAU has shared an update regarding its wrestling championships, to be held in conjunction with the West Coast Junior Olympics. More>>

Article | August 4, 2020
From XFL to Lingerie, Alternative Football Could Drive Venue Use in Cities   

The definition of the eternal optimist might be found in the owners of alternate football leagues. Cases in point this week: Mike Ditka and Dwayne... More>>

News | July 31, 2020
WNBA Considering Single-Location Season   

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) will stage games at a single location if it goes ahead with a season this year. More>>

Article | July 19, 2020
Cycle Tourism Creating Bursts of Economic Impact, Chance of Future Hosting   

Recreational cyclists, having explored their own neighborhoods, are expanding their horizons and seeking out other destinations for weekend visits in... More>>

Article | July 17, 2020
Parents Pushing for Tournaments with Streaming in Order to Reach Colleges   

With high school sports shut down and many showcase events cancelled, parents are panicking about their children’s inability to obtain an athletic... More>>

News | July 10, 2020
Mountain Biking and Gravel Riding in Virginia City: Off-Road Adventures Through America’s Largest Historic District   

Virginia City, Nevada, is upping its game as a premier cycling destination. More>>

News | July 7, 2020
AAU Boys Basketball World Championships Share Details of Events   

The AAU World Championships, formerly National Championships, are open to teams worldwide at sites nationwide. More>>

News | June 16, 2020
B.A.S.S. Announces 2020 Dates For Additional Tournament Series   

B.A.S.S. has unveiled the post-COVID-19 revised event dates for the remaining events on their 2020 tournament schedule. More>>

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