News | April 4, 2019
Youth Hockey Event Skating into West Michigan   

The 640 best youth hockey athletes in America under 18 and 16 years will compete in West Michigan this week. More>>

Article | April 3, 2019
How Event Owners Can Combat Scammers   

Between stolen frequent flyer miles and identity theft happening on airport hotspots, youth sports event owners might think they have the risks all... More>>

Article | April 3, 2019
Fortnight Fundraisers? New Strategies for Boosting the Bottom Line   

Fortnite fundraisers and wine and paint nights, as well as GoFundMe campaigns, are among the measures being taken by sports teams and organizations... More>>

Fee Hikes
Article | April 3, 2019
Citing Fewer Fans at Championships, State High School Associations Mull Raising Fees   

Officials at two of the largest high school sports and activities associations in the country say they are struggling to generate revenue. So... More>>

Article | April 3, 2019
By the Numbers: The Final Four   

The Cinderellas have long since left the dance and we’re down to the Final Four. As those teams come screaming into Minneapolis to duke it out (see... More>>

File | April 2, 2019
Economic Contribution of the 2018 Recreational Red Snapper Season   

This study estimates the economic contributions that can be reasonably attributed to the six-day red snapper season in August 2018 based on... More>>

Destination | March 22, 2019
Current, Future Sport Complexes Offer Numerous Options for Lincoln Athletes   

Lincoln, Nebraska, continues to grow as a sports destination. The new venues proliferating across the city have set a new standard for all other... More>>

Article | March 20, 2019
Could Ripple Effect from College Bribery Scandal Hit Sports Events?   

Unless you’ve been living in a fallout shelter, it’s been impossible to miss the news of the college admission scandal. The question, however, is... More>>

Article | March 20, 2019
The Growing Presence of E-Bikes: What Event Owners Should Know   

The news that Wyoming’s bicycle paths and trails will soon be open to those using electric-powered, or e-bikes, might be a wake-up call to some... More>>

Article | March 20, 2019
Net Gains and Losses: The Math of March Madness   

With Selection Sunday in the rear-view, March Madness is finally getting underway. And along with the brackets and the bar bets comes the opportunity... More>>

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