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Details Announced for College Gridiron Showcase in Fort Worth

Dec 15, 2021

The College Gridiron Showcase (CGS) has partnered with Ryzer to conduct pre-event and on-location Troutwine Athletic Profile (“TAPS”) testing on CGS participants at the 2022 annual college football all-star event in Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Robert Troutwine began assessing athletes in 1984. Since that time, his Troutwine Athletic Profile (the "TAP") has been used by athletes & teams in 10 pro leagues, the NCAA®, and the US Navy SEALs and is used to measure intangibles such as mental toughness, coachability, and composure.

Each CGS participant, including free agents who attend CGS’s Pro Gridiron Showcase, will receive a TAP test as part of their evaluation which will be given to the NFL teams. CGS will also send the TAPS test to players on the CGS Watchlist to have pre-event information.

CGS Executive Director Jose Jefferson expressed his excitement about the partnership and what it means to not just the event but to the scouting industry. 

“CGS has always been in the forefront of player testing and now we have added one of the industry leaders in personality assessment. The ability to test the players before they arrive to Fort Worth will not only add efficiency to the evaluation process, but it gives teams another dynamic by which evaluate players,” said Jefferson. “The online administration will mean the players can do this in the comfort of their own home, take their time, and give honest answers to the questions they are being asked.” 

Since its inaugural event in 2015, more than 500 CGS participants have been offered pro opportunities. At the 2020 College Gridiron Showcase, scouts from 31 of the 32 NFL teams, all nine CFL teams, and other professional leagues were on hand to evaluate and meet with our players. In total, participants had the opportunity to showcase their skills to 150 professional scouts. 

In addition to its on-field aspects,?CGS?also contains a strong professional football education symposium component.? Athletes are provided education through seminars relating to Financial Education, Life as a Professional Athlete, Player Expectations (on and off-field), first-hand accounts from former NFL rookies, social media responsibilities, and more.  For more information on the College Gridiron Showcase and the?CGS?Small School Invitational Showcase, please visit?  

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