South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Announces Plan for Funplex

1 Oct, 2020

Families and tourists in Myrtle Beach could soon have a new attraction to visit, according to this news story from WMBF.

The Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board approved the design of the Funplex amusement park with one, minor change during a meeting Thursday afternoon.

The Fun Coaster, the Drop and Twist and the Galleon of Fun are just a few of the attractions that may soon fill what is now a parking lot on Ocean Boulevard and 15th Avenue North. The city rezoned the property a year ago so Funplex could start developing,

The park would be about a block long, with seven different attractions including a family roller coaster.

Funplex currently has two amusement parks in New Jersey and is looking to branch out to the Grand Strand.

“It’s just going to give us more to do," said Jason Tate, who was visiting Myrtle Beach from Charlotte. "You’re going to walk along this strip and see more stuff to do, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait for them to open it up.”

Funplex is hoping to open in Spring, 2021.


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