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USA Bobsled/Skeleton Announces New Partnership

Sep 27, 2021

USA Bobsled/Skeleton Foundation (USABSF) announced a reciprocal partnership and launch of a grassroots membership program together with the New York State Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons (NYSSOS). As part of the membership, participants can join the “Skeleton Squad” for a $100 donation and receive a surgical cap with a USABSF Skeleton Squad logo.

The partnership was born out of the NYSSOS’ desire to support the sports of USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS), and its athletes, who do not receive any government funding and rely heavily on the generosity of supporters in order to train and compete. The two organizations have natural parallels in the mental acuity, physical grit and skill set that both orthopaedic surgeons and bobsled and skeleton athletes require for safety and success. Additionally, the fact that theskeleton and bobsled athletes regularly train in Lake Placid, which iswithin the NYSSOS region, makes this a great fit for both entities.

“We’re very excited and proud to support the USABS athletes as they pursue gold for the United States,” said NYSSOS President John DiPreta, M.D. “These competitors possess an incredible set of skills and stamina, and much like orthopaedic physicians, they have an unending drive for excellence and success. We consider it an honor to help them on their journey down the track.” 

In addition to supporting each other through social media and in other online platforms, USABS CEO Aron McGuire will deliver a keynote address at the upcoming NYSSOS conference in October. 

“We consider this type of partnership and support to be our lifeline,” said Aron McGuire, Chief Executive Officer for USA Bobsled/Skeleton. “It is the support of our partners that helps get our athletes on the podium, and we are deeply appreciative of NYSSOS for stepping up and being an important part of USA Bobsled/Skeleton.” 

For more information, including how to become a supporter of USA Bobsled/Skeleton Foundation, visit 

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