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USA BMX Enters Multi-Year Contract with Twin Cities Gateway

Jan 02, 2024

USA BMX today announced a multi-year contract with Twin Cities Gateway that allows Rum River BMX in Isanti to host the Land O’ Lakes Nationals three times across the next six years starting with the 2024 season, the other two dates remain to be determined.


In 2024, USA BMX will hold 30 national racing events at sanctioned tracks across the country, commencing with the Sunshine State Nationals in Florida in January and concluding with the Grand Nationals in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving weekend.

Each national race draws hundreds or even thousands of BMX riders, fans and spectators to the area to take part in each exhilarating multi-day event, generating anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars to over $1 million to the local economy.

"We’re so grateful to USA BMX for awarding us this multi-year contract and are looking forward to continuing building this relationship with them,” said Al Stauffacher, CEO/President of Twin Cities Gateway. “This collaboration is set to bring about a significant economic impact for our region as we welcome thousands of spectators and participants from across the globe, introducing them to our community." 

The announcement is a significant win for Rum River BMX, which has consistently been rated in the top three tracks in the nation. Known as the largest fully enclosed track in the country, Rum River BMX will have its doors wide open during the Land O' Lakes Nationals, which are set to occur in the warmer months. Rum River BMX had previously hosted the Land O’ Lakes National event in 2020. 

The rising number of cycling events as well as various government and employer initiatives is driving demand and interest in bicycling programs everywhere—a trend that USA BMX sees as its 300+ tracks across the country continue to attract new members. Rum River BMX itself is home to more than 900 members and hosts 92 local competitions a year, bringing in more than 30,000 participants for practices and races as well as more than 76,000 spectators each year.  

“Rum River BMX has become such an important part of our community in Isanti,” said the Mayor of Isanti,  Jimmy Gordon. “We have riders of all ages from across the region here on a regular basis and it helps put our little city on the map. I’m so impressed with the job their leadership team does with running their facility, and I know USA BMX won’t regret this decision.”  

BMX is an all-year (weather permitting) organized sport running from January 1 to December 15 every year. Just like any other organized sport, BMX racing is maintained and operated by a parents’ association on behalf of a parks and recreation department or directly through the parks and recreation department itself. There are open and coached practice times, beginner racing leagues and open races throughout the week. Many volunteers, community members and city officials work together to ensure safety and operating standards are achieved. Most BMX members are between the ages of 5 and 65, and entire families can get involved whether as a racer, spectator, pit crew or volunteer. Races are organized according to age groups and skill levels so everyone can participate on a fair and competitive basis.  

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