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Wichita Announces Completion of New Basketball Facility

Dec 02, 2016

Wichita Hoops became the largest basketball facility in Kansas upon the completion of a recent expansion, which created a total of 12 college-size basketball courts that can be electronically converted into 14 volleyball courts. The added courts make it one of only a few sports facilities in the nation with 12 basketball courts under one roof.

 “There is no other sports facility like Wichita Hoops in the state of Kansas,” said Drew Hays, Sports Sales Manager for Visit Wichita. “In fact, no other state in our region offers the expansive court space, physical-endurance and injury-recovery facilities, and nationally-recognized mentoring programs that you’ll find at Wichita Hoops.”

In addition to adding six basketball courts and volleyball courts, the expansion also included a mezzanine level with a view of all 12 basketball courts, a new concession area, and an updated coaches’ hospitality area with a designated private entrance and televisions that can live stream all courts simultaneously.

“Not only is the space ideal for players, who will enjoy the latest upgrades and conveniences, but the new mezzanine level and enhanced concession area make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for those watching the action,” Hays said.

Former Wichita State University basketball player and 2013 WSU Hall-of-Fame inductee, Jason Perez, originally opened the facility in 2014, with 50,000 square feet. “Adding the additional 54,000 square feet with the expansion makes it the largest basketball facility in Kansas, complete with all the modern amenities, like the capability to utilize shot clock operations at each and every court to make any sporting event a success,” Hays said.

The spacious venue was recently featured on ESPN for hosting Division 6 Bound Dunkball games. View the coverage for a glimpse of what it’s like to play at Wichita Hoops: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=17417541.

Another Wichita sports facility that opened less than a year ago, Wichita Sports Forum, consists of six basketball courts, 10 volleyball courts, six indoor beach volleyball courts, a turf soccer field and an extreme trampoline park, Aviate.

“In Wichita, we are passionate about basketball,” Hays said. “We are very proud and excited to have two expansive and unique basketball facilities, Wichita Hoops and Wichita Sports Forum, right here in our city.”

About Visit Wichita: Visit Wichita markets the greater Wichita area as a major convention and tourism destination, thereby enhancing the economic development of the city, county, region and state. Visit Wichita is led by president and CEO Susie Santo, and in 2014 travel and tourism contributed more than $1 billion in economic impact to the greater Wichita area.

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