By the Numbers: Super Bowl LV

30 Jan, 2021

By: Michael Popke

The Super Bowl LV, scheduled for February 7 in Tampa, Florida, will be unlike any of the others that came before. This will be the first time in LV years (that’s 55, for those who aren’t up on their Roman numerals) the big game will be played on the home field for one of the participating teams, as the 14-2 Kansas City Chiefs take on the 11-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium.

And thanks (or no thanks) to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, only 22,000 fans — including 7,500 health care workers from all 32 NFL cities who will be admitted free of charge — will be allowed inside the venue, which holds almost 66,000 spectators and has hosted four other Super Bowls. Face coverings must be worn at all times, and social distancing will be in place.

Even though fewer fans and a reduced number of special events scheduled throughout the week leading up to the Super Bowl likely will result in a smaller economic impact for the Tampa Bay area, local tourism officials are upbeat.

“We’ve had people move here because they’ve seen a Super Bowl on television,” Santiago Corrada, president and chief executive officer of Visit Tampa Bay, told the local FOX affiliate. “We’ve had corporations look at relocating to this region because they saw the Super Bowl or they experienced it live and in-person, and, of course, conventions and groups and meetings that have said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s a fabulous location.’”

It’s also the first time in Super Bowl history that the big game has been played on the home soil of one of the competing teams. That’s right – in all LV years (that’s 55 for anyone who isn’t up on their Roman numerals), there has never, ever been a Super Bowl played in a home team’s stadium.

Here are more numbers to keep in mind for Super Sunday (thanks to the National Retail Federation, NFL.com, Kantar.com, FloridaPolitics.comand, of course, Frito-Lay).

186.6: Number of U.S. adults, in millions, who say they plan to watch Super Bowl LV

102: Number of viewers, in millions, who tuned into Super Bowl LIV across television and digital platforms

28: Percentage of fans who say they will be hosting/attending a Super Bowl party or watching at a bar

86: Percentage of fans who plan to make purchases related to the game

74.55: Average amount, in dollars and cents, they plan to spend

70: Weight, in millions of pounds, of snacks Frito-Lay planned to produce in the week leading up to Super Bowl LV.

22: Percentage of viewers who say the commercials are the most important part of the game

16: Percentage who say the halftime show is the most important part

0: Number of commercials Budweiser plans to air during the game, ending a 37-year streak dating back to 1983; advertising dollars will be redirected to raise awareness of COVID-19 vaccines

42: Estimated amount, in millions of dollars, that Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser Busch InBev, spent on marketing during Super Bowl LIV

5.6: Estimated average price, in millions of dollars, of a 30-second commercial spot during Super Bowl LV

5.2: Average price, in millions of dollars, of a 30-second commercial spot during Super Bowl LIV

448.7: Amount, in millions of dollars, of ad revenue generated during Super Bowl LIV

1.5: Amount, in millions of dollars, of a State of Florida grant designated for Super Bowl security and COVID-19 safety at Raymond James Stadium

100.4: Body temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, at which Super Bowl staff members will be sent home

 • 1.2: Number of fans, in millions, who attended 116 games during the NFL’s 2020 regular season

16.67: Number of fans, in millions, who attended all regular-season games during the 2019 season

100: Cost, in dollars, of a two-dimensional fan cutout that will be placed inside Raymond James Stadium during Super Bowl

200: Number of diverse-owned Tampa-area businesses chosen to fulfill contract requests related to the Super Bowl

10: Number of Super Bowl appearances by Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady

21: Number of seasons Brady has played

2: Number of Super Bowl appearances by Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes

4: Number of seasons Mahomes has played

91: Age, in years, of George Toma, a member of Super Bowl LV’s groundskeeping crew

55: Number of Super Bowls for which Toma has been a groundskeeper


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