Organizers Share Boulder's IRONMAN News

7 Aug, 2019

It has been confirmed that IRONMAN triathlon in Boulder will no longer be offered, the city of Boulder ‘will continue to be an important partner and play host to the IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder triathlon.

This year’s final IRONMAN Boulder took place on June 9, 2019, while the IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder will be held on August 3, 2019. Over 4,000 athletes are registered for these two 2019 events.

Back in June 2018, as part of a partnership between IRONMAN and city of Boulder and the Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau – the organisations had confirmed the continuation of the IRONMAN Boulder and IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder triathlons through 2020. However, as IRONMAN 70.3 racing continues to resonate more with athletes in a number of markets around the world, the full-distance IRONMAN Boulder will no longer continue its run into 2020.

“After thoughtful consideration, we have decided that 2019 will be the final year for IRONMAN Boulder,” said Frank Lowery, Midwest Great Plains Regional Director for IRONMAN. “A decision like this is never easy, and we understand the disappointment this may cause our athletes.”

He continued, “As we refresh our race offerings in North America, we remain fully committed to putting on an unparalleled and world-class experience not only for the final IRONMAN Boulder triathlon but also the IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder triathlon which will continue.

“For nearly 20 years, Boulder has provided a tremendous amount of support to the triathlon community all while embracing the IRONMAN spirit. We love Boulder and the local community and look forward to the future of IRONMAN in Boulder.”

The city of Boulder has hosted the IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder triathlon since 2001, and expanded its role as a host city to include the full-distance IRONMAN Boulder triathlon beginning in 2014. During its six-year run, ‘IRONMAN Boulder saw great competition from the foot of the Flatiron Mountains.’

Athletes and visitors from around the globe – either as competitors, supporters, or spectators – came to Boulder and enjoyed the city’s refreshing weather and picturesque Colorado mountain views.

“The City of Boulder is very proud of our staff, our community, and our partnerships with Boulder County and the State of Colorado as we collectively made IRONMAN Boulder one of the greatest races in the world,” said Jane Brautigam, City Manager for the City of Boulder.

“Our entire team celebrates the time IRONMAN Boulder had in our city and look forward to our ongoing hosting of IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder again in the future.” |


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