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Dragon Boat Festival Coming to Colorado Springs

Aug 18, 2016

The ancient Chinese sport of dragon boating comes to Colorado Springs this summer! Held on Prospect Lake at Memorial Park on Saturday August 27th, the Walgreens Colorado Springs International Dragon Boat Festival is a one-day affair that promises excitement, friendly competition, and fun outdoors.

Dragon boating is a paddling sport that's being embraced across the country for its inclusivity. Any person of age, size, and ability can participate. Teams are made up 20 paddlers, a drummer, and a stern. They compete on a 500m course, in a 40ft wood canoe, adorned with a dragon head and dragon tail, all the while paddling in sync to the beat of a drum. The sport is great for families, social groups and businesses-it creates camaraderie and builds connections.

Registering for the event is easy:

  1. Recruit 21 friends, families and/or co-workers

  2. Brainstorm a cool team name

  3. Get ready to experience the outdoors like never before

All gear is provided for-simply show up on race day ready to win. A practice is provided before the event to learn the basics, and a team tent is provided on race day that will be the crew headquarters. 

Registration is $1,045 but as a special offer to Colorado Springs Sports Corp subscribers, you'll receive $100 off the entry fee. 

Enter code "paddlesupteam" during registration online.


Can't recruit a team? We've got you covered! Sign up for the Earth Dragons crew-a team managed by GWN for solo paddlers. Earth Dragons includes event registration, team practice, team tent, and a team shirt. 

The fee to join is $65; as a Colorado Springs Sports Corp subscribers can save $10 by entering "paddlesupsolo."

Admission is free to spectators! Enjoy a day by the water and come cheer on all the teams. Festivities get underway at 9AM, with plenty to do in between races at the Walgreens Health & Wellness Zone, the Kids Zone, Retail Marketplace, and the Food Truck Bazaar.

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