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Colorado to Host Trail Running Event

Sep 18, 2014
Event Extended to Three Days, Applies to Race Directors, Runners and Vendors

The second annual Estes Trail Ascent, Trail Running Conference, takes place October 9-11, 2014, in Estes Park, CO. Major changes will be ready for attendees this year.

Located, as it was last year, at the historic and popular Stanley Hotel, the 2014 event is extended to 3 days - Day 1 for Trail Race Directors, and Days 2 & 3 for Trail Runners. Sunday, October 12 rounds off the weekend with a trail race on a local Estes Park trail.

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This conference is for trail runners of all levels, trail race directors, and sponsors and vendors that are looking for an event to showcase their trail related products or services. This event is the second annual Trail Running Conference in the USA, and will partner with ATRA (American Trail Running Association).

Trail Running has seen exponential growth in recent years, and is poised to become one of the most popular outdoor active pursuits in the United States; this event is the first of its kind to be dedicated to our growing and dynamic sport. Colorado has long been a Trail Running Mecca in the USA, and Estes Park is proud to stake its claim as America’s Trail Running Destination. This Conference will seek to set out a strategy for the continued growth in Trail Running in the USA and beyond.

Estes Park and the Colorado Front Range received devastating floods in early September 2013. Although many shops, houses, lodges, and restaurants were damaged, as of early October much of Estes Park is open for business as usual.

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