Colorado Pays $3.4 Million To Lure Outdoor Retailer

14 Aug, 2017

According to an article in SGB Media, The state of Colorado will pay $1.7 million to Emerald Expositions to support the relocation of the Outdoor Retailer show from Salt Lake City to Denver. The funds match the $1.7 million offered from Visit Denver under an incentive package.

According to a report from The Denver Post, The Colorado Economic Development Commission last week formally approved the cash award, which is contingent on three outdoor retail conventions coming to Denver each of the next five years.

The show bring in 20,000 to 25,000 attendees, with the potential to generate $45 million each in direct and indirect economic benefits.

Emerald Expositions, which owns the three shows, will use  the money to cover costs associated with relocating the shows after a two-decade run in Salt Lake City. The state money will be distributed over the next two fiscal years, while Visit Denver’s money will be paid out over five years.


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