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Sea Otter Classic Summit Kicks Off Today

Apr 05, 2022

Life Time Group Holdings and the Sea Otter Classic team have introduced the Sea Otter Classic Summit. The new industry event is positioned as a… ‘global gathering of outdoor industry leaders focused on serving a diversified outdoor industry leadership group.’

‘The summit will assemble leaders to discuss common trends, successes, and challenges in order to collectively define the future of the outdoor business and will take place April 5-7, 2022 in Monterey, California, just before Sea Otter Classic.

‘The summit is open to a limited number of global outdoor, bike and endurance business leaders committed to discovering new solutions for growth while using their brands’ reach and impact for positive change.’

“The timing and opportunity to launch a new outdoor industry executive summit – tied to the successful and growing Sea Otter Classic consumer event – is ideal for our industry,” said Kimo Seymour, President of Events and Media at Life Time, which acquired the Sea Otter Classic this August.

“We look forward to welcoming a strong base of global cycling leaders and adding in a new group of outdoor and endurance market executives to offer an unmatched cross-industry business networking and workshopping opportunity.

“As a company, Life Time is committed to growing participation outdoors and we’re excited to work with the best in the business to address challenges and ensure we are providing the best experiences.”

‘According to Forbes, the outdoor market has seen the highest participation rates ever recorded over the past 20 months, yet an increasingly complex global business environment challenges leaders to meet continued growing demand from new and existing outdoor enthusiasts.’

“Business is a powerful force for change and as operators, we’re at the precipice of a brand-new era of opportunity,” said Frank Yohannan, Director, Sea Otter Classic.

“This gathering is for executives who are committed to working together to build a new foundation to serve a far more diverse consumer set – those who enjoy a broader range of outdoor pursuits, are less brand loyal and more likely to align with brands that create the change they want to see in the world. For business leaders, I believe the summit is much needed.”

‘Attendee numbers are limited to ensure the most productive, in-person networking, workshopping and problem solving possible. Executives interested in attending are encouraged to sign up on the waitlist at Prior to the event, attendees will have opportunities to shape an agenda that best serves their needs.’

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