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Salomon Golden Trail World Series Adds New North American Stop for 2023

Mar 02, 2023

Salomon is pleased to share that the Golden Trail World Series is adding the Mammoth Trail Fest 26K to its 2023 schedule. This will be the second North American stop for the series in 2023 alongside the iconic Pikes Peak Ascent. The 2023 season will include six races across North America and Europe, with a grand finale in Italy.

“We are excited to add the Mammoth 26K to the 2023 Golden Trail World Series and have the opportunity to engage with the North American trail running community at two iconic races next year,” said Grégory Vollet, director of the Golden Trail Series. “Along with the new stop, we’re incorporating a new format for the final in Italy that makes 2023 a highly anticipated year for the series.”

For its 2023 season, the Golden Trail World Series returns to the fan-favorite trails that made it successful. In addition to the three essential classics of Zegama, Marathon du Mont-Blanc and Sierre-Zinal, the series will include the Dolomyths Run in Italy and the Pikes Peak Ascent in Colorado. Accompanying these iconic races is the newest addition, the Mammoth Trail Fest 26K in California. The series will culminate with the Golden Trail World Series Final, the Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race.

The Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race will consist of a prologue and a run of approximately 25 km with 1,200 m D+. To offer the same exposure to the women’s and men’s races, the women will run their prologue on Thursday and race on Saturday while the men will run their prologue on Friday and race on Sunday. All races are open to everyone and will feature both OPEN and ELITES ranking, as well as a team ranking of the best Golden Trail National Series. More information on the series and registering for it will be available soon.

Golden Trail World Series 2023 Schedule

  • May 14, 2023: Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain — 42 km / 2,736 m D+*
  • June 25, 2023: Marathon du Mont-Blanc, France — 42 km / 2,540 m D+
  • July 15, 2023: Dolomyths Run, Italy — 22 km / 1,750 m D+
  • August 12, 2023: Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland – 31 km / 2,200 m D+
  • September 16, 2023: Pikes Peak Ascent, United States — 21 km / 2,382 m D+
  • September 23, 2023: Mammoth 26K—Mammoth Trail Fest, United States — 26 km / 1,400 m D+
  • October 19-22, 2023: Grand Finale, Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race, Italy — 23 km / 1,200 m D+ (+ prologue).

*Distances and denivelations are for information purposes and may be changed by the running directors prior to the trial.

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