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@the Grounds Ready to Host Volleyball, Cheer and Dance

Feb 07, 2023

February is a month of celebration and good cheer as @the Grounds is filled with wonderful activities that will bring smiles and joy to all. Whether you’re a fan of volleyball or dance or even cheer - there's something for everyone this month.

Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) Girls Premier & Power League Volleyball

February 18-19 and 25-26 NCVA is proud to announce that the Girls Power League and Premier League Volleyball are back in full swing this season. For all you athletes out there, here's your chance to watch some serious competition and a showcase of skills as they block, serve, and spike their way to a win! Not only will you enjoy some quality competition, but you'll also have an opportunity to watch incredible athleticism.

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National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Roseville Classic

February 11-12 The NCA is hosting the NorCal Open Championship! The teams will display incredible skill and athleticism, executing breathtaking stunts and precise, synchronized routines to perfection. After long days of intense competition, the hard work of these athletes will be rewarded when the results are announced.

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Act 1 Talent Dance Competition

February 24-26 Dance enthusiasts: get ready to witness a remarkable showcase of talent as dancers take over Jones and Johnson Halls this weekend! As part of the competition, these dancers will be performing their routines for the chance to win a coveted trophy. The level of dedication and artistry is certain to leave viewers in awe, as dancers of all levels – from beginner to advanced – show off their unique moves and energy. So come and experience this weekend-long competition as these talented dancers push the limits of their own skill sets. Who knows, you might even learn something along the way!

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