November/December 2021 | Sports Destination Management

November/December 2021


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November/December 2021

What a long, strange trip it’s been. The Grateful Dead used that wording in 1977 and it is just as accurate today. We have been through 2020 (enough said) and now we’re ending 2021 and ready to celebrate. But we don’t just celebrate the big numbers. We celebrate our strength. Strength, we have learned, is not born out of aggression; it is a kind of peace that comes with knowing you have faced the worst and that, moving forward, you can deal with whatever life hands out. It’s time to congratulate those who were instrumental in our comeback.

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Introducing the 2020 and 2021 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism Presented by Traveling Teams

BY: Mary Helen Sprecher

The rebound. We all waited for it, we all hoped for it, and now we all get to celebrate it. But what have we learned? One thing: The prognosticators were right - they said the comeback of our industry would start at the local and regional level and blossom outward. And with each step, we saw the resurgence of a strong, vibrant and creative industry. more....