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Foley to Host Snap Soccer

Oct 21, 2022

After working together for six years Foley Sports Tourism and Snap Soccer have agreed to a long-term deal to keep elite youth soccer competitions on the schedule for years to come. The deal states that FST will retain Snap as an independent contractor to host soccer tournaments and both parties will work together to promote the Foley economy to the participants of these tournaments.

               Snap Soccer Operations Manager Zack Touchstone said the deal is a way for FST and Snap to show their commitment both to each other and to growing youth soccer along the Gulf Coast. Touchstone said what initially drew Snap Soccer to host in Foley was having so many fields in a single location, something both players and coaches love. But it’s the strong partnership that has kept them coming back.

               “Our first tournament was Memorial Day 2016. I think there were only four fields completed at that time,” Touchstone laughed. “It was a great way to open up the venue. Since then we have added many more events on the grass fields as well as hosted events in the Foley Event Center. We have run camps, small-sided events, showcases, youth tournaments, and more. The Foley Sports Tourism team is first class. The partnership has been mutually beneficial and we can’t wait to see the benefits grow even more.”

               City of Foley Executive Director of Leisure Services David Thompson said the deal has been in the works for a while and that it’s truly a testament how well the two organizations work together.

               “Over the last six years both parties have truly grown together,” Thompson said. “This deal is the result of trust and a shared mission that had become almost second-nature. Both Snap Soccer and FST look at every tournament with the visitor experience at the core- how can we help them create lasting positive memories both on and off the field? That constant need to improve has us significantly growing tournaments together and we are excited to see what more we can accomplish in the future.”

               For more details on the long-term deal or any upcoming Snap Soccer events at FST, contact Stephanie Donald or Shellie Kichler.

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