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Tracey Schelmetic


Tracey Schelmetic is a freelancer writer for Due North Media. Her articles appear on the websites of Contact Professional and Sports Destination Management.

Article | September 4, 2019
Go West: With a Variety of Venues, the Southwest and Pacific Region is Primed to Host   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

With stunning scenery and plenty of connectivity, the Southwest and Pacific area region is home to sports of all disciplines, with facilities ranging...more >>

Article | September 3, 2019
The Perfect Landing   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

Heading into the 2020 Games in Tokyo, the U.S. is seeing the expected uptick in interest in gymnastics. And from beginner and recreational level to...more >>

Article | June 27, 2019
Ready to Fight   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

Combat sports offer both youth and adults a great way to interact in person, focus, gain self-discipline, reduce stress and stay fit. Even better...more >>

Article | April 24, 2019
Venues Suited to Victories   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

It’s one of the oldest sports known to man but its facilities are state-of-the-art and designed to coax the best performances out of athletes at...more >>

Article | February 28, 2019
Purple Mountain Majesties   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

The mountain region of the U.S. has much of its sporting infrastructure courtesy of nature, including the Rocky Mountains and other ranges such as...more >>

Article | February 28, 2019
The Changing Landscape of Golf   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

Once reputed to be a sport for men of a certain age and income, golf has a new and growing demographic: youth. Children’s and high school-age...more >>

Article | December 27, 2018
Wheels Up   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

Skateboarding and BMX are uniquely urban sports. Both evolved on cityscapes: downtown concrete slopes and railings that made riding challenging,...more >>

Article | November 14, 2018
Spiking in Popularity   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

The sport that is played on three surfaces, by two genders and by all ages and abilities, even at the Paralympic level, is set for growth, and has...more >>

Article | September 14, 2018
Gymnastics Takes Flight   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

Gymnastics is seemingly impervious to the ever-changing popularity curves in the economy. Clubs across the country are flourishing and the sport...more >>

Article | July 18, 2018
In the Fight   

By: Tracey Schelmetic

Combat sports remain popular among kids and adults. These sports include the traditional forms, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing, and...more >>


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