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Debi Schultz

Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau

Debi Schultz

Debi Schultz began her destination marketing career in 2001 as sports director for the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau. She manages the Sports Alliance, the Scholarship committee and the Champions Classic, a signature football event that raises money to support sports tourism and provides college scholarships. Debi is a member of NASC and Texas Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus where she serves on several committees. Debi, AKA Sportslady, is proud to be a part of the tourism industry representing Abilene and Texas.

Article | July 1, 2020
Creating Internships with Value   

By: Debi Schultz,Tiffany Nichols

Summer means an influx of college interns to organizations, including event owners, venues, CVBs and sports commissions. The interns are looking for...more >>

Article | November 9, 2018
Best Practices for Recurring Events: Working Together for the Win   

By: Debi Schultz

Who doesn’t love a sure thing? Especially in our industry, the idea of an event with guaranteed ROI is always appealing! That’s why so many...more >>

Article | January 30, 2017
The Bid Process: Streamlining It and Making it Work   

By: Debi Schultz

It’s not uncommon for us to see a request for proposal (or in industry language, an RFP) come into our offices. And for those who are brand-new to...more >>

Article | September 27, 2016
Long-Term Contracts: Best Approaches and Best Practices   

By: Debi Schultz

Frequent flier miles. Loyalty points at your favorite hotel chain. There are benefits to be gained from a standing business relationship. Now, to...more >>

Article | December 23, 2015
The Bid Process: The First Building Block in a Successful Sports Event   

By: Debi Schultz

The primary building block in any sports event is its request for bid, or request for proposal, package, which marks the first time the event owner...more >>

Article | January 6, 2015
Making the Most of the Bid Process: What Does It Take to Get a Destination to Take a Chance on Your Event?   

By: Debi Schultz

Want a new destination to host your event? It all starts with the bid package. Event owners and rights holders can learn how to craft a proposal that...more >>

Article | September 11, 2013
In It for the Long Run: Leveraging the CVB and Sports Commission Relationship for Better Long-Term Contracts   

By: Debi Schultz

Long-term relationships are what this business is all about. Here is how to establish them with Convention and Visitor Bureaus.

Article | February 29, 2012
Optimizing the Sports Commission/CVB Relationship   

By: Debi Schultz

“Communication is the problem to the answer...” Ever have a song stuck in your head? I keep hearing lyrics from a hit song in the ’70’s and...more >>


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