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East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) and Premier Streaming Network Announce Agreement

Mar 06, 2023

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA), one of the longest running independent pro wrestling promotions in the United States, and home to one of the most recognizable independent tournaments, the ECWA Super 8 Tournament, is coming to the Premier Streaming Network (PSN) when the platform launches in January of 2023. The multi-year, exclusive agreement will see over 1,000 hours of ECWA and World-1 content loaded onto PSN, and will also see live ECWA events streaming on the network beginning with ECWA: Super 8 Tournament 2023, on Saturday, March 25th. 


Founded in 1967, ECWA has a rich history in the United States’ independent wrestling scene. The company’s Super 8 Tournament is legendary for the talent that has participated in it, and continues to be a showcase for tomorrow’s future stars. Wrestlers who have been showcased in past Super 8 Tournaments, and who will now be featured on PSN, include; Christopher Daniels, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Davey Richards, Bobby Roode, Jamie Noble, Jerry Lynn, Austin Creed (WWE’s Xavier Woods), A.J. Styles, Amazing Red, Tommaso Ciampa, Richard Holliday and many more.  


“We are pleased to be apart of Premier Streaming Network and are excited to see how this partnership can grow both companies. The team at PSN is working around the clock to give the fans the absolute best experience and after hearing their vision we jumped on board,” said ECWA/World-1 owner Ryan Kavanagh. “I don’t think the original owner Jim Kettner ever thought people would be watching his shows 30 or 40 years after they happened, and as we continue we are constantly finding more old footage. You never know what we might come across but all of it will be exclusively on PSN, and we are excited to share it with wrestling fans.”


“We’re looking forward to working with ECWA to showcase their incredible history and make it available for fans worldwide.” Said Paul Owen, President of PSN. “Some of the best names in professional wrestling have been through ECWA and fans will be able to dig into their history like never before, as well as see their current stars starting with this year’s Super 8 Tournament, live on PSN.” 


“Being able to bring the best technology available to a promotion with the deep history of ECWA is one of the main goals of Premier, and one of the main reasons we created this network,” said Josh Shernoff, Vice President of Programing and Creative Development of PSN. “The ECWA Super 8 Tournament is a legendary event amongst both wrestlers and fans, and to be able to showcase those past tournaments and stream the future ECWA events is huge for Premier and equally as huge for wrestling fans.”


Premier Streaming Network will be available on a full suite of platforms and devices including Web, iOS and Android mobile web and desktop, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and many Smart TV’s beginning in early 2023.


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