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San Angelo to Host Drag Boat Race in June

Feb 02, 2010

San Angelo, Texas will host the 4th Annual SDBA "Showdown in San Angelo" Drag Boat Race from June 25th through June 27th, 2010. In the past 3 years attendance at this event has grown to over 9.000 people and has quickly become a favorite "track" of racers across the nation.

The Southern Drag Boat Association "SDBA" is rich in history, as it's recognized as the oldest drag boat racing sanctioning body in the United States. SDBA was formed from several small clubs around central Texas, with approximately 100 members / racers. This association has come to be recognized as the largest professional organization there is, with over 300 members to date.

SDBA is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and has started a new chapter in its history. They have teamed up with Lucas Oil, which is well known in the auto racing industry; Nascar, NHRA drag racing, monster trucks, off road racing, motocross, tractor pulling, and many other venues in the motor sports world.

SDBA is proud to be partnering with Lucas Oil and its national drag boat racing series, which affords the opportunity to share its history and this exciting sport of championship drag boat racing. The Lucas Drag Boat Racing series will also bring increased purses for the racers, along with some major sponsors and television coverage, for selected race sites this year.

SDBA offers different classes of boats for the spectators to watch. There is an entry-level class with a Personal Water Craft class with wave runners, River Racer class with the lake type boats, then a step up to our faster classes starting with our 11-second class, going all the way up to the pro classes. The pro classes offer speeds ranging from 175 mph up to Top Fuel boats, which now have set records of 260mph in 4.5 seconds in the liquid quarter mile.

The sport of drag boat racing is a different arena for spectators, as you can get up close and personal with the drivers and crews, and see what it takes to prepare a boat for its next round of competition. This sport is also known for its family-type atmosphere, where children are a major part of this sport, taking part in working on the boats, and in many cases eventually driving there own boat.

Attending an SDBA /Lucas Drag boat race will be exciting and fun for people of all ages and will provide a glimpse into a championship drag boat race like you've never experienced.

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