PTR to Offer Workshops for Tennis Pros

11 Sep, 2015

The Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) has announced upcoming workshops; these workshops will be held in both Maryland and Virginia. It should be noted, however, that PTR sponsors workshps nationwide. Contact information is available at the close of this announcement regarding the way individuals can find information about events in their area.

Cattail Creek Country Club
Glenwood, MD
Saturday, October 3 • 9am-6pm
Sunday, October 4 • 9am-12pm
followed by testing

Register Today
  or call 843-785-7244

Adult Development
Lake Anne Court
Reston, VA
Saturday, October 17 • 1pm-6pm
Sunday, October 18 • 9am-12pm
followed by testing

Register Today
or call 843-785-7244

About PTR: PTR was founded in 1976, by world renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer.  Dennis saw the need to develop a universal language and progressions for tennis teaching. PTR Membership offers unparalleled educational materials, opportunities, career assistance and most importantly, worldwide recognition and respect.

Mission Statement: PTR’s mission is to educate, certify and service tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game.

Quick Facts about the Organization:

PTR membership is inclusive in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and religion. PTR is also sensitive to those of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. If you cannot afford the cost of professional development, you may qualify for assistance through PTR Foundation.

For the teaching professional and coach to the tennis novice, PTR has instructional DVDs, manuals, supplements and books available that will help improve skills. We have included an Online Membership Application to make it easy to join PTR.

If you have any questions about PTR membership, please call 800-421-6289  or 843-785-7244  or use the contact page.


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