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2015 ITA Kick-Off Weekend to Begin Friday in VA, IL

Jan 23, 2015

The 2015 spring season shifts into high gear on January 23-25 for the seventh annual ITA Kick-Off Weekend. One-hundred-twenty teams - 60 men's and 60 women's - will compete across the country for berths in the ITA National Team Indoor Championships in February. The ITA Division I National Women's Team Indoor Championships will be hosted by the University of Virginia at Boar's Head Sports Club in Charlottesville, VA, while the ITA Division I National Men's Team Indoor Championships will be hosted by the University of Illinois at Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago, IL.

The ITA Kick-Off Weekend sends three visiting schools to a host site for a four-team tournament. The host school faces the No. 4 seed and the No. 2 seed plays the No. 3 seed. The winners of those matches will come back the following day with a ticket to the 2015 ITA National Team Indoor Championships at stake, and the losers compete in a consolation match. A total of 22 universities will host this year's ITA Kick-Off Weekend, with eight schools hosting both men's and women's events.   

Each of the ITA Division I Men's Team Rankings Top 10 teams is a host, while eight of the women's Top 10 are hosting. The Virginia women, currently ranked No. 5 in the ITA Division I Women's Team Rankings, received automatic entry into February's championships by serving as host site for the event. Illinois (No. 11) will host the ITA Division I Men's National Team Indoor Championships, and in turn, will not be competing this weekend. 

The highest rated and potentially most combative men's pod is hosted by Notre Dame. The 14th ranked Fighting Irish host No. 16 Columbia, No. 17 Tennessee and No. 24 Oklahoma State. Duke and Kentucky also host groups that consist of four Top 30 teams. On the women's side, No. 18 Georgia Tech hosts the toughest group with No. 19 Oklahoma State, No. 29 Texas Tech and No. 38 Columbia all traveling to Atlanta.   

Individual previews and playing schedules for each of the host sites can be found in the table below as well as on the ITA Kick-Off Weekend event page. Follow the ITA on Twitter, @ITAtennis, and like the ITA on Facebook for updates and news from the weekend's events. Use the hashtag #ITAKickOff in all Kick-Off Weekend tweets and search "ITAKickOff" to find others who are tweeting from across the nation about ITA Kick-Off Weekend.          

2015 ITA Division I Men's Kick-Off Weekend

1. USC*
2. UNC Wilmington
3. Santa Clara
4. Louisiana 

1. Oklahoma
2. Northwestern
3. Arkansas
4. New Mexico 

1. UCLA*

2. Boise State
3. Texas Tech
4. Pepperdine

1. Virginia
2. Louisville
3. VCU
4. George Washington 

1. Ohio State
2. Tulsa
3. Purdue
4. Auburn

1. Baylor
2. Drake
3. Miami (FL)
4. Tulane

1. North Carolina*  
2. Alabama
3. Virginia Tech
4. Oregon

1. Texas
2. Florida State
3. Michigan
4. Minnesota 

1. Georgia*
2. Elon
3. Utah
4. Michigan State

1. Texas A&M* 
2. San Diego
3. LSU
4. TCU

1. Kentucky
2. Vanderbilt
3. South Florida
4. Penn State 

1. Notre Dame 
2. Columbia
3. Tennessee
4. Oklahoma State 

1. Duke*

2. Memphis

3. Clemson 

4. Wake Forest 

1. Florida*

2. South Carolina  

3. Stanford 

4. Mississippi 

1. California*

2. Mississippi State 

3. NC State

4. Harvard

*Denotes a dual gender host-site 

2015 ITA Division I Women's Kick-Off Weekend

1. UCLA*
2. Kansas State
3. UC Irvine
4. Marshall

1. Duke*
2. Memphis
3. Furman
4. Louisville 

1. North Carolina*

2. LSU
3. Boston College
4. Minnesota 

1. Georgia*
2. Auburn
3. Wake Forest
4. Samford 

1. Florida*
2. Georgia State
3. Maryland
4. Elon

1. Alabama 
2. Princeton
3. Virginia Tech
4. Syracuse

1. Texas A&M*
2. Houston
3. TCU
4. North Texas 

1. California*
2. Saint Mary's
3. Fresno State
4. Michigan State 

1. Vanderbilt
2. Texas
3. DePaul
4. Harvard

1. Miami (FL)
2. Florida State
3. South Florida
4. North Florida 

1. Clemson 
2. Purdue
3. Washington
4. Winthrop 

1. Northwestern
2. Rice
3. Kentucky
4. Arizona State 

1. USC*

2. Pepperdine

3. Wichita State 

4. Denver 

1. Michigan

2. Tulsa 

3. Utah 

4. Yale 

1. Georgia Tech

2. Oklahoma State 

3. Texas Tech 

4. Columbia

*Denotes a dual gender host-site

About ITA Kick-Off Weekend: The ITA Kick-Off Weekend events were created in 2009 as qualifiers for the ITA Division I National Team Indoor Championships. Sixty schools compete for the remaining 15 spots in the ITA National Team Indoor Championships, with a reserved spot for the host institution. After ITA Kick-Off Weekend host sites are named, a draft is held with schools selecting which site to play at in order of year-end ITA Team Rankings.

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