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USTA Launches Wheelchair Tennis Community Mobile App

Nov 17, 2014
Social Hub Allows Users to Find Wheelchair Tennis Events, Share Stories, Photos and Videos

A brand-new online mobile app for wheelchair tennis participants worldwide has been launched, and is working to connect athletes and others. The mobile app titled “Wheelchair Tennis Community” launches on that day, open for anyone with a mobile device or tablet to register and join by visiting Apple Inc.’s App Store (iOS) for iPhone and iPad devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The Wheelchair Tennis Community is designed to be a social hub for not only players, but tennis coaches, organizers, family members and fans, either disabled or able-bodied. Upon joining, community members are encouraged to share their stories, photos and videos, and can find where and when local wheelchair tennis events are happening.

“I’m excited about the app, and the idea of an online community for anyone enthused by Wheelchair Tennis,” said Dan James, Head Coach of the U.S. Paralympic Tennis Team. “The world’s boundaries are shrinking with emerging technologies while wheelchair sports are growing each year around the world. If we help to connect players with players, or coaches with programs, and get people active in the sport, it’s a win.”

Some of the Wheelchair Tennis Community application’s features at launch include:

  • A global activity feed, which is a quick way to share photos, comments, and check-in to see where wheelchair tennis is being played.

  • “Coaches’ Corner,” a tab where community members learn performance and health tips from many of the top wheelchair tennis coaches on the planet.

  • Surveying, where wheelchair tennis community members are invited and encouraged to provide feedback concerning the pertinent issues of the day.

  • Community spotlights, where select community members are spotlighted and fellow members can read about their backgrounds and see how they’re succeeding in making tennis a more inclusive sport. 

“There will be fun, interactive things to do and also some very educational elements,” said James. “Everyone who takes part in this community will have a story, a tie to the game, and I’m really curious to see what we will learn in the coming months – and years – after launch.”

The Wheelchair Tennis Community app is available through web access, for iPhone, for Android.

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