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IPSF Announces Timeline for Para-Pole Event

Feb 28, 2017
March 1 is Official Launch Date for Event

The International Pole Sports Federation has formally announced the introduction of a ParaPole category. This category, which will be the Paralympic version of the sport, will debut at the 2017 World Pole Sports Championships, July in Holland.

A list of all athletes interested in competing is currently being compiled including the many different abilities and requirements. This will enable IPSF to create the foundation for future categories.

A 3 - 5 year plan is being developed for the Para Pole Category; starting small and simple to gauge interest, nurture the sport and gradually learn each year to evolve the sport as it grows. There is an element of unknown for the IPSF as no one has ever embarked upon a Para Pole Category that hopes one day to follow Para Olympic standards.

The organization’s provisional plan is detailed at this link. While some aspects the timeline may be subject to change; the launch will be on 1st March 2017.

Full information on ISPF can be found here.

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