ISSA Releases Information on Upcoming Competitions

27 Aug, 2015

The International Senior Softball Association has listed information for its upcoming competitions.

MANASSAS, VA - The ISSA staff is at work on the details for the remaining five senior tournaments in 2015 and the 5th Annual World Tournament of Champions on January 29-31, 2016. It is very import to the preparation planning for teams to submit their online entry form for each event that they plan on playing as early as possible.  The online entry form submittal provides staff notice and reserves a spot in the tournament for the team.  The final entry is the receipt of the mailed entry fee which is not due until the published deadline.  So if your team is planning on playing at Cincinnati, Ocean City/Salisbury, Virginia Beach, Palm Springs and/or Myrtle Beach please reserve your spot today.

CINCINNATI, OHIO - The ISSA US Northern Championships will take place again at Mid-America Ballyard in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 18-20.  Teams planning on participating in this (and other remaining 2015 ISSA tournaments) should submit their online entry form(s) now.  The refurbished Ballyard is a favorite for many oldtimers in the region who have fond memories of playing there back in the day.  Teams from five northern states have entered to date.

SALISBURY/OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND - Also in September the ISSA will be holding the 2nd annual Eastern Shore Championships on September 25-27.  The event filled to capacity last year as a new tournament and location for ISSA.  The ISSA and the local organizers have secured additional fields this year for the expected turnout. The fields have now been assigned to the divisions of play and shown on the "Address of Venues" page on the website.  (The delay in assigning fields was necessitated by teams not providing the ISSA notice of intent to enter.)    

WINTER NATIONAL RULES EVENTS - ISSA tournaments help after October 1 will allow teams to use their 2016 roster of players.  These tournaments will be held at Virginia Beach, Palm Springs, California and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Senior women's teams will be playing this year at the ISSA US Open National Championships at Myrtle Beach as nine women's teams have already entered online.  Teams looking to play in the US Open should reserve their place today since it is a good chance the entries will close early when field capacity is reached. Anyone interested in more information about any of the remaining ISSA senior tournaments can contact RB Thomas, Jr. (571-436-9704 and/or Greg Thomas (571-220-0158).

About the ISSA: The International Senior Softball Association, founded in 1994, is headquartered in Manassas, VA and is an Allied Member of the Amateur Softball Association of America. The ISSA has become one of the nation's leading senior softball organizations and its staff provides leadership positions nationally and internationally for the development and administration of the senior division. The ISSA Championship Series has been recognized as one of the outstanding sports series in the United States by Sports Travel Magazine.  And recently RB Thomas, Jr. was named the Outstanding Sports Event Organizer for 2014 by the National Association of Sports Commissions.  For more information on the ISSA, visit and/or telephone the ISSA Office at 703-368-1188.


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