Kings Hammer Soccer Club Launches Esports Program

30 Nov, 2020

Kings Hammer Soccer Club, one of the most recognizable youth soccer clubs in the Midwest, have announced their plans to launch an esports program.

The multi-level esports program will engage video gamers at all levels from professional to recreational with competitions in FIFA21 and Rocket League. Additionally, Kings Hammer esports will offer coaching sessions with professional gamers in FIFA21 and Rocket League and will introduce a new line of branded gaming sportswear and gear. Future plans also include in-person tournaments hosted at Ovation Pavilion, the indoor/outdoor concert venue in Newport, Kentucky, along with pop-up esports events in association with soccer tournaments and matches.

In anticipation of the October 6th release of FIFA21, Kings Hammer esports will host a fall online FIFA21 tournament to launch the program. Registration will open later this month.

Content from both game titles will be streamed regularly on

“Kings Hammer Soccer Club is launching an esports program to engage the thousands of soccer families in our club throughout Ohio and Kentucky with this fast-growing activity to create a safe and professional environment to compete,” said Kevin Butler, Chief Marketing Officer of Kings Hammer Soccer Club. “We will offer opportunities for all levels of gaming skill focusing on FIFA21 and Rocket League.”

Butler added: “There are now over 115 U.S. colleges and universities offering esports scholarships. Several of these colleges actively market esports scholarship opportunities to high school students and recruit high-skill esports players directly from tournaments. The Kings Hammer esports program will help prepare its youth players for potential college scholarship opportunities.”

The Levels of Kings Hammer esports include:

Kings Hammer will recruit a core group of professional gamers to compete in tournaments—global and local, to represent the brand. The pros will also provide regular content on Twitch through live streaming and will provide coaching sessions for youth players.

A subscription-based league will be offered to all Kings Hammer members utilizing the Battlefy platform. The year-long league will provide members with opportunities to compete for league points along with weekly, monthly, and season-long prizes.

Once the Kings Hammer Level 2 leagues are established, a Level 3 initiative will launch and will be open to all local/regional soccer clubs and esports organizations to join in the open subscription league in both FIFA21 and Rocket League. 

Throughout 2021, Kings Hammer esports will create several FIFA21 and Rocket League events featuring Kings Hammer professional players and Kings Hammer league members. These events will be held on-line and at the Ovation Pavilion, once it opens in 2021.

About Kings Hammer
Kings Hammer Soccer Club, which was founded in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Central Kentucky area, has become one of the most recognizable youth soccer clubs in the Midwest Region of the United States, including the recent expansion into central Kentucky.

The club provides appropriate training of soccer at every level. Players, coaches, staff, parents contribute directly to the positive environment at Kings Hammer Soccer Club. From developing collegiate, professional, and national team level athletes to providing all players the opportunity to love the game, the development structure services all skill levels.

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