Copa Centenario Schedule Released for USA

22 Mar, 2016

The USA will play Colombia in Santa Clara, California, Costa Rica in Chicago and Paraguay in Philadelphia in the 2016 Copa Centenario that begins June 3. Team USA has lost to all of these the last time it met each of them in friendly games and competitive matches. Group A is lot tougher than the groups the other three seeds drew but it is not an impossible draw.

A full schedule is available here.

June 3 in Santa Clara
USA vs. Colombia
June 4 in Orlando
Costa Rica vs. Paraguay
June 7 in Chicago
USA vs. Costa Rica
June 7 in Pasadena
Colombia vs. Paraguay
June 11 in Philadelphia
USA vs. Paraguay
June 11 in Houston
Colombia vs. Costa Rica

June 4 in Pasadena
Brazil vs. Ecuador
June 4 in Seattle
Haiti vs. Peru
June 8 in Orlando
Brazil vs. Haiti
June 8 in Glendale
Ecuador vs. Peru
June 12 in Foxborough
Brazil vs. Peru
June 12 in East Rutherford
Ecuador vs. Haiti

June 5 in Glendale

Mexico vs. Uruguay
June 5 in Chicago
Jamaica vs. Venezuela
June 9 in Pasadena
Mexico vs. Jamaica
June 9 in Philadelphia
Uruguay vs. Venezuela
June 13 in Houston
Mexico vs. Venezuela
June 13 in Santa Clara
Uruguay vs. Jamaica

June 6 in Santa Clara

Argentina vs. Chile
June 6 in Orlando
Panama vs. Bolivia
June 10 in Chicago
Argentina vs. Panama
June 10 in Foxborough
Chile vs. Bolivia
June 14 in Seattle
Argentina vs. Bolivia
June 14 in Philadelphia
Chile vs. Panama

June 16 in Seattle

1A vs. 2B
June 17 in East Rutherford
1B vs. 2A
June 18 in Santa Clara
1C. vs. 2D
June 18 in Foxborough
1D vs. 2C

June 21 in Houston

1A/2B winner vs. 1D/2C winner
June 22 in Chicago
1B/2A winner vs. 1C/2D winner

June 25 in Glendale

June 26 in East Rutherford

Keep up with the full schedule at this site.


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