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USABA and Anthem Combine Forces for the 2021 #FitAnthem5K

Oct 11, 2021

We invite you to pair up with USABA and Anthem for the 2021 Virtual #FitAnthem5K! The mission of this event is to complete the equivalent of a 5K wherever you are, in whatever movement works best for you, between October 16 and October 30. We will virtually partner all participants with an Anthem associate to share the experience over social media and encourage each other along the way. With this virtual component, your partner can be anywhere! What a great way to be an active part of National Blind Sports Week (Oct. 25-30) and National Blind Sports Day (Oct. 30). 

Would you like to join us? If so, please email Bill Kellick ( by Tuesday, October 12. Shortly after that, you will receive a confirmation email from Anthem of your participation and your pairing for the #FitAnthem5K. If you have previously participated in the #FitAnthem5K and would like to be paired with the same Anthem associate (if available), please share their name.

Please contact Bill Kellick ( with questions or concerns.

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