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Tough Mudder Expands Race Territory

28 Apr, 2016

Already Wildly Popular in U.S., Race is Moving to Asia and Middle East

Tough Mudder Inc. entered two new partnerships that expand its reach into Asia and the Middle East: with IMG, a global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, bringing the events to China, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore and South Korea; and Seroja Partners to launch the series in Indonesia.

The team-based obstacle course challenge, once viewed as a niche extreme sports offering, has stuck around as a popular choice for fitness consumers looking to participate in a race other than a 5k, half marathon or marathon.

The expansion into Asia and the Middle East will open access to hosts of active individuals seeking the challenge of the Tough Mudder experience.

Tough Mudder is also rapidly expanding its newest event series, Tough Mudder Half, to meet demand from runners and outdoor enthusiasts who have been attracted to the series as an entry point to the world of mud runs and obstacle course challenges.

Additionally, Tough Mudder signed new partnerships with prominent brands including Microsoft Band, Snapchat and Livestream, with Microsoft Band becoming the Official Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker Partner of Tough Mudder for its 2016 season in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Learn more about the new races here.


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