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Tough Mudder Announces 5K Events

Mar 13, 2018

Tough Mudder has launched a new event format: Tough Mudder 5K. It’s all the teamwork-focused, epic-obstacle-crammed, and mud filled of Tough Mudder packed into a 5K distance.

Organizers note,

All over the world we see this in action, and we’re never happier or prouder than when we watch strangers working together to tackle Pyramid Scheme, or someone with a fear of heights conquer Everest 2.0.That’s why we created Tough Mudder 5K -- to bring that feeling to more people around the world.

Let’s be real, the 5K market is packed with events... and they kinda suck. It’s either silently trudge through 3.1 miles of pavement, or cheesy themed runs where you don’t walk away feeling like you’ve accomplished anything meaningful.

We want to bring some badass orange-and-black Tough Mudder attitude to the 5K. We want you to have fun, while also challenging yourself and embracing the sense of community and teamwork that is the bedrock of Tough Mudder. Did we mention everyone will experience Happy Ending at each 5K event?

At Tough Mudder, we don’t just bring you great events. We bring you day-long experiences filled with fun, games, beers, cheers and more. And what better way to end Tough Mudder 5K than celebrating the priceless experience of conquering your fears with new and old friends at Mudder Village? So grab a pint and cheers your teammates as you celebrate your accomplishments.

If you've already got a substantial headband collection you might be thinking that 5K is not for you. Think again, Mudder.

Tough Mudder 5K is a a great way for Mudders to invite the friends and family who swore they’d never do Tough Mudder because it was too far/too hard/too time consuming.

Still not convinced? We’ve got 4 more reasons why our 5K will bring out your inner badass while having a good time.

Information is available at this site.

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