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IESF Announces League Plans, New Members

3 Nov, 2020

The International Esports Federation (IESF), the oldest governing body claiming to have responsibility for esports, is to launch World Super League (WSL), a new international competition.

The IESF has entered into a partnership with Japanese firm TechnoBlood, which will operate and host WSL. It is hoped the WSL will be staged for the first time in 2021, with the IESF stating it aims for it to become the "one of the biggest tournaments in the world".

Participating countries will stage national leagues in popular titles to determine national champions. They will then go on to play other national teams at WSL finals once a year.

At present, its annual Esports World Championship is the IESF's flagship tournament. One of the reasons for starting WSL, it said, is to form closer links with national leagues.

Vlad Marinescu became IESF President last month, taking over from Colin Webster. Speaking to insidethegames this month, Marinescu revealed he was "conflicted" over the question of whether esports should strive to become an Olympic event.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Montenegro, Peru and San Marino have become the latest countries to join the IESF, whose membership has grown to a record 72 nations following the addition of the five new members.

IESF Board member Boban Totovski said its criteria for membership was "strict" and revealed further applications for membership were pending.

"The IESF family continues to grow globally, and I would like to congratulate our new members,” said IESF Board member and director of memberships Boban Totovski. "The criteria for IESF affiliation is strict, so we are thrilled that we were able to add these five new nations as members. With additional membership applications processing, we look forward to the continued growth and our work on building the foundations of this global esports ecosystem."


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