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USLacrosse Issues News on Protective Headgear

May 31, 2016

USLacrosse recently issued two pieces of information regarding protective headgear.

Women’s ASTM Headgear Standards Take Effect in 2017
US Lacrosse has developed the first ASTM headgear standard (ASTM F3137) for women’s lacrosse. In 2017, any headgear worn must meet the F3137 standard. Melissa Coyne, the Director of Games Administration for US Lacrosse, said she is not aware of any current products on the market meeting the new ASTM standard and no headgear company has provided lab reports stating otherwise.

Coyne said she is confident there will be a legal headgear product available but is not sure when that will happen. Coyne suggested any retailer or lacrosse specialty store ask for lab reports that the product passed the F3137 standard before purchasing any women’s lacrosse headgear.

Cascade Helmet Recertification Guidelines
Cascade helmets must be re-certified every year with an approved reconditioner or they must be discarded after three years. Helmets become less effective over time and exposure to the sun, varying temperatures and wear and tear may cause the helmet to deteriorate. If the helmet has not been re-certified by an approved reconditioner after three years the helmet should be destroyed and not passed on.

For a list of approved reconditioners contact the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) at or call Cascade Sports at (800) 537-1702. NAERA approved reconditioners can recertify a helmet, so that it meets the NOCSAE standard.

All information can be found on the at this link.

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