US Lacrosse Announces Center for Sport Science

20 Jun, 2016

US Lacrosse announces the creation of the Center for Sport Science, which will serve as a national hub for the study and improvement of health in lacrosse. The Center will be devoted to research, education, collaboration, policy development, and best practices guidelines that benefit the safety and wellness of lacrosse players, with a particular focus on youth players.

Dr. Bruce Griffin, who has served as director of health and sport safety at US Lacrosse since 2013, will serve as the director for the Center. Members of US Lacrosse’s current Sports Science and Safety Committee will serve in an advisory role.

Among the goals in the creation of the Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse is to expand, broaden and elevate the safety initiatives that the national governing body has been committed to since its creation in 1998. Over the past 18 years, US Lacrosse has funded nearly $1 million in health-related research to improve the well-being of lacrosse participants at all levels of play.

“One of our priorities has always been to lead research and educational initiatives focused on reducing the risk of lacrosse injuries, and the creation of the Center will help us to raise the profile of this important part of our mission,” said Steve Stenersen, president and CEO of US Lacrosse. “We’re excited that the Center will help to generate greater investment in an area that is critical to our sport’s responsible development and continued expansion.”

“The new Center represents a dedication to examining, studying, and implementing those things that will make the sport safer for players at all levels,” said Dr. Andrew Lincoln, a volunteer member of the Sports Science and Safety Committee and director of the MedStar Sports Medicine Research Center. “This is an effort to bring about changes that will help today’s players as well as those that are still years away from picking up a stick.”

A portion of US Lacrosse membership fees will provide financial support for the Center, with additional funding to come from dedicated endowments. A naming gift will also be pursued. Marketing, communications and fundraising support will be provided by respective US Lacrosse and US Lacrosse Foundation staff.

“Keeping players healthy and on-the-field to enjoy the sport is everyone’s goal,” said Susie Chase, vice president for philanthropy and partnerships at US Lacrosse. “Among national governing bodies, US Lacrosse has long been a leader in this area and individuals and businesses that support US Lacrosse have increasingly made it a priority. The Center for Sport Science puts US Lacrosse’s commitment to safety front and center, and will enhance our ability to grow and strengthen our investment in this area.”


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