Premier Lacrosse League Postpones Season

18 May, 2020

The following information came from this link at Front Office Sports:

The PLL had been set to start its second season on May 29, but the young lacrosse league had to postpone that indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In an exclusive interview with FOS’s Emily Caron, PLL co-founder and chief strategy officer Paul Rabil said that the league made the decision to postpone before the scheduled start of play in hopes that the season will happen whenever safe.

“We believe that we will have a season,” Rabil said. “It could take a number of different shapes in 2020. There’s certainly a scenario where that’s not possible for any sport. But we chose to postpone the start of our season versus call it a cancellation indefinitely I think in good faith as our team [is] putting together some scenarios that would either have a season that starts later with a full slate of games, a season that starts later and it’s compressed or exploring several offsite strategies that would represent a version of our season and postseason that would be fanless and measured up against appropriate CDC protocol and medical safety protocol.”

The postponement of the season raises several financial concerns for the PLL, which drew a significant amount of its revenue from live games and other in-person offerings like training camps and clinics. However, the PLL is looking towards innovation when it does return.

“So we’re thinking about ways that when we do play, and even in a world where we are fanless,” Rabil said, “how do we create a virtual fan experience that has a connection to our merchandise?”

“Those are ways that we’re trying to hedge ourselves for the uncertain future.”

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