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Get Your BID On: USA Racquetball Championships

Sep 25, 2022 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

Want to bid on a niche indoor club sport that makes use of facilities you likely already have in your community – with a built-in group of athletes who love to travel? USA Racquetball is seeking hosts for events in 2023–2024 including its U.S. Open, one of its largest and highest-profile championships.

The full list of events seeking hosts in 2023 and 2024 is as follows:

  • US Open
  • National Doubles Championship
  • National High School Championship
  • National Intercollegiate Championship
  • National Singles Championships
  • National Junior Championship

USA Racquetball will accept bids from any City, CVB, Sports Commission, DMO, State Racquetball Association, Club, or Local Organizer interested in hosting one or more of these events.

According to the bid documents, available here, USA Racquetball utilizes local sport clubs and third-party organizations rather than city-owned convention centers. Because of this, bids will be considered with a collaboration focus. Understanding that most DMOs can’t, or prefer not to, underwrite third-party contracts with local sport venues, USA Racquetball is happy to accept separate contracts and commitments from both organizations. These contracts, bids, and MOUs will be reviewed at the same time and signed accordingly.

On top of this, all hotel contracts need to be confirmed prior to signing any contracts. USA Racquetball uses a third-party housing company, GroupHousing, for its events so hotel contracts can be included in the bids with the host DMO.

Comp Rooms:

An earned complimentary room policy of a 1/30 for full-service hotels and a 1/25 for limited service hotels is preferred and appreciated.

Host Hotel:

The host hotel must include staff/officials’ rooms. The headquarters hotel should offer a combination for the staff block to contain both complimentary rooms and rooms at a reduced rate. These staff rates will be proposed ‘net’ of any rebate but will include the 10% commission for GroupHousing. Combination ratios will vary by event. The headquarters hotel shall be in proximity (ideally walking distance or public transport accessible) to the host club.

Required for the Host Hotel:

  • Complimentary breakfast for any official (staff) staying at a host hotel from the day after check-in through day of check-out (example: 10 staff staying for five nights should receive 50 breakfasts).
  • Breakfast must begin by 6:30 AM and be served until at least 9:00 AM each day. Breakfast must contain typical breakfast buffet options: eggs, breakfast meat, hot and cold cereals, yogurt, fresh fruit, breakfast breads and coffee/tea.
  • A minimum of ten (10) free parking passes should be provided for each event if the host hotel charges for parking. In addition, USA Racquetball requests parking passes at a reduced rate for staff and officials that may be driving. A comprehensive list of individuals will be supplied seven days from arrival if needed.
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Venue (Club) Requirements:

The maximum number of clubs used at an event is related to the distances from each club and the availability of reliable transportation. USA Racquetball has used as many as four clubs although that is not preferable. For example, if an event requires 16 courts and the host club has 10 courts, a second and/or third club needs to be identified with a total of at least six courts between them. The use of any club with fewer than four courts is not preferred. They must also be within a reasonable distance from each other; no more than 15 minutes is preferred. Access using public transportation is also a bonus. Viewable spectator areas and lounging areas are also recommended.

Also needed will be free parking close to club for participants, USA Racquetball staff, and volunteers; storage for supplies, overnight storage of technology equipment, and various packages during the event; a meeting room, concessions and other amenities, covered in the RFP at this link.

Any bid must include all facilities, additional services, personnel accommodations, value-in-kind, sponsorship commitments, and donations provided in order to make the event successful for USA Racquetball as well as make a positive impact on the Host Organization and Local Community. Bids are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis but there are no hard-bid deadlines.

All information is covered in the RFP at this link.

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