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WAL Announces Fan Engagement Opportunities

10 Jun, 2020


Starting this Friday (June 12) at 10pm EST -for 5 successive weeks - you can re-live awesome WAL action.  

Here is the schedule:

  • Friday June 12 10:00pm EST - WAL 406
  • Friday June 19 10:00pm EST - WAL 506
  • Friday June 26 10:00pm EST - WAL 405
  • Friday July 3 10:00pm EST - WAL 504
  • Friday July 10 10:00pm EST - WAL 501

This is a huge opportunity for all of us to showcase the sport we love, some of our amazing athletes and the WAL style of entertainment to the masses.

It is also a chance for you to once again show your passion for the sport by helping to assure that as many people watch as possible.  Our ability to demonstrate the power and scale of our community will directly impact the continued growth and success of the sport we all love so much through achieving bigger and better opportunities.  Our viewership will directly impact this opportunity


  • Reach out to your entire network and let them know to tune in this Friday, June 12 at 10pm EST and then each week per the schedule above.
  • Ask everyone to set their DVR for 10pm EST every Friday for the next 5 weeks on FS1 at 10pm EST so that they can re-watch it in their own library!
  • Reach out to any influencers you might know with large followings and ask them to help spread the word through their channels.
  • Share this listing of WAL on FS1:
  • Share the show promo link (below) with your entire network.

Every one of you in the WAL Nation play an important part in the success of the sport and the WAL.


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