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NCTTA Opens Competition Season on Sept. 30

Aug 30, 2013

The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association opens its season on September 30.

The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association opens its season on September 30. The organization has published information on its upcoming season at its website The actual schedule is available at this link.

NCTTA is actively seeking college table tennis clubs to join the association. If one is associated with an active table tennis group or club in your respective school, they are encouraged to contact the Recruiting Director or any of our Division Directors for assistance. To be a member of the NCTTA, one must:

 1. Be officially affiliated with your university in some way, for example through your campus recreation department, student activities program, athletics department, or student union.

 2. Complete the NCTTA online membership application and pay the appropriate membership fee by October 1: • $100 for new schools

 • $150 for returning schools

 • $75 for Transitional Membership schools or schools joining midway (after January 1, 2014)

 • $25 Women's club rebate: Schools that register both a co-ed and women team are eligible for a $25 rebate, if they compete in all NCTTA competitions. The rebate can only be granted at the end of the season via the Paypal e-mail address you provide at the end of the registration process.

 3. Be placed in a geographical division. If a school is unsure which division you fit into, a student can contact the NCTTA Recruiting Chair, who can help with placing the school in an existing division or, if necessary, create a new division.

If a college student or a college administrator is looking to get a school involved in NCTTA but a formal club has not yet been established, simply follow these steps below:

 1. One must start a Table Tennis club at school. This is not particularly difficult to accomplish. Your first step is to find enough students interested in starting the club.

 2. Contact your school's Campus Recreation or Student Activities Office and inform them about your interest. This is to decipher whether a club has existed in the past. If your school had a former club, then your next step is to activate it again. Try to contact past members or faculty advisors of the club to help with the process. If no contact is available, proceed to step 3.

 3. If no previous club existed, you should go to either the Campus Recreation office or Student Activities office and request to start a new club. Usually you will have to fill out paperwork and obtain a faculty advisor to oversee club activities. Every school has different guidelines as to how a club is started, so take that into consideration. If you experience any problems, please feel free to contact any of the NCTTA's staff and we will be glad to assist you.

 4. Once the interest in starting or reactivating a club has been let known to the proper authorities, your next step will be to get as many people involved as possible. The is because one of the most important aspect of starting a TT club at school is to let others know of its existence! At first, the club will probably consist of just you and your friends. Your goal is to expand its membership. The question is "How?"

Spread the word about your club around campus and the community through word of mouth by talking to people, posting flyers around campus, calling the school newspaper to advertise the club, emailing to public email bulletins, setting up information table at student recreation center or student union, and even setting up table tennis exhibitions at the Student Union, lounge or Recreation center or anywhere you can attract attention. The important element is to promote your club to everyone. For more information about College Table Tennis Clubs and or NCTTA please contact us at or go to

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