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Challenge North America Has Rebranded as CLASH

Sep 09, 2021

Challenge North America, known for production of triathlon festivals such as Challenge Daytona and Challenge Miami, has announced its rebrand to CLASH. The newly rebranded endurance sports brand will offer professional and age-group races as part of ‘family-friendly festivals at iconic destinations.’

“We are rebranding as CLASH, due to endurance sports being the ultimate CLASH of mind and body,” said CEO of Challenge North America, Bill Christy. “The fierce competitions push athletes to finish and succeed while the body is ready to quit, a clear CLASH of desires every athlete faces.

“We have enjoyed working closely and collaboratively over the last three years with the Challenge Family delivering quality events throughout the US and Europe. While the scope of the North American brand is expanding and taking on the new CLASH name, we look forward to further engagement together leveraging both our brands for an enhanced athlete offering.”

Formerly Challenge-branded, events have now been CLASH USA rebranded, such as CLASH Daytona and CLASH Miami, alongside newly announced events in Watkins Glen and Atlanta set for 2022.

CLASH adds that it will ‘further expand its portfolio to seven or more races in 2023, all of which are planned to include professional races with prize purse offerings televised globally.’

In addition to triathlon, CLASH will offer a wide variety of endurance sports unique to each venue in North America… ‘as well as the opportunity for more athletes to experience endurance sports with mountain bike, relay and half/full marathon events, to name a few.’
Jort Vlam CEO of Challenge Family said “While CLASH USA is diversifying into more sports, Challenge Family remains a core triathlon brand. For this reason we saw the opportunity to develop our future in different ways. The nature of our strong relationship is reflected in the fact that we are still working closely together.

“Our joint team has put on wonderful events. For all those great races and unforgettable memories, we are grateful to Challenge North America. We plan on building upon those synergies and are excited to announce today:

  • All CLASH triathletes placing among the top six in their age group will qualify for an opportunity to compete at Challenge Family The Championship in Samorin, Slovakia.
  • Further promote the 20m draft rule series-wide at all Challenge Family and CLASH events.
  • [CLASH events will] contribute to the Challenge Family World Bonus for professional triathletes.”

Zibi Szlufcik, President of the Challenge Family Board, added “We’ve started this journey together, creating something extraordinary and bringing a complete new approach into the world of triathlon.

“We broke boundaries with the best broadcast of a triathlon race ever, during the PTO Championships at Challenge Daytona. Our bond will remain strong and we wish the future with both brands remain bright for all of us.”

‘CLASH and CHALLENGE FAMILY will continue to be strong allies in the North American triathlon industry to deliver the best for athletes and their family for years to come.’

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