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Black Folks Camp Too is Blazing the Trail to a More Inclusive Outdoors

7 Dec, 2020

Black Folks Camp Too is blazing the trail to a more inclusive outdoors with our mission of removing fears, adding knowledge and inviting “more” Black Folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everybody!

With the help of our outdoor industry partners—Adventure Ready BrandsBackcountryGSI and Nemo—we have proudly launched our program of Black Folks Camp Too Adventures! On Black Folks Camp Too Adventures we step out into nature to explore the physical, emotional and mental health benefits of being outside.

Together, we walk through the darkest valleys, we recharge our spirits in the wilderness and we climb over all barriers-of-entry to achieve our peak experiences. Our campfires have proved to be portals to amazing conversations and everyone is welcome to join our campfire conversations regardless of your race, age or gender. 

About Black Folks Camp Too

Black Folks Camp Too was founded in 2019 by Earl B. Hunter, Jr. Before founding Black Folks Camp Too, Earl was an experienced business leader across multiple industries and a leading sales executive in the RV Industry. In 2015, Earl embarked on a road trip around North America with his 7 year old son, Dillon. Along their three-month journey they explored the highlights of the continental US and Canada and visited 49 campgrounds! The journey was as eye-opening as it was adventurous—they saw only one other Black family during the entire trip. That disparity and the desire to share the camping experience and outdoor lifestyle with other Black Folks drove Earl to found Black Folks Camp Too and drive their mission of removing fears, adding knowledge and inviting Black Folks to camp with any and everybody. Follow along with @blackfolkscamptoo and learn more at


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