FIG Announces E-Conference on Making Gymnastics Safer, More Respectful

23 Oct, 2020

The International Gymnastics Federation announces the holding of an e-conference on 26-27 October aimed at “finding solutions for a respectful culture and safe training environment in Gymnastics."

This conference is part of global initiatives undertaken by the FIG in cooperation with the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation to encourage and reinforce the safeguarding of everyone involved in Gymnastics.

A global reflection is all the more necessary in light of numerous testimonies from athletes, not only in Gymnastics but also in many other elite sports, revealing how mistreatment, intimidation and even physical and psychological abuse are considered, in many regions, to be an integral part of the experience of high-performance athletes.

Although methods differ according to traditions and countries, and what might be considered as controversial methods in one country could be accepted in others, the FIG intends to set up global norms in the world of Gymnastics, inviting everyone interested to contribute towards improving the sport and making it safer.

“The purpose of this e-conference is not to exhume the crimes of the past - there are other ways and mechanisms to deal with that - but to promote the good practices that already exist and share positive experiences that could be easily replicated in different parts of the world,” said FIG President Morinari Watanabe.

This conference is built up as an interactive forum where gymnasts, coaches, technical experts from the sport and top administrators express their views based on their daily first-hand experience.

The aim is to open discussions and share positive experiences in order to draw a clear line between what is considered good practice and what is not tolerable. This must lead to basic rules enabling and fostering an environment that everyone can enjoy.

“From the bottom to the top of the pyramid, everyone can and must be part of the solution. As the sport´s governing body, the FIG can certainly give the impetus but it is all together that we can build a positive culture where everybody can thrive and fully live their passion for the sport,” said Mr. Watanabe.

Two sessions at different times are planned with the intention that all the national Gymnastics federations can take part. The national federations will soon be invited to send the FIG ideas and proposals in line with the main topics on the e-conference agenda. 

About the FIG: The International Gymnastics Federation is the governing body for Gymnastics worldwide. It is the oldest established international federation of an Olympic sport and has participated in the Olympic Games since their revival in 1896. The FIG governs eight sports: Gymnastics for All, Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline - including Double Mini-trampoline and Tumbling -, Aerobics, Acrobatics, and Parkour. It counts 148 national member federations and has its headquarters in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne (SUI). 


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